Admission & Payments

Admissions to Virtual Class by the participants follow the schedule of the intended program. There are two alternatives as described below:

a. On site admission: This is a normal procedure in which applicants' data/forms are evaluated and allowed/ disallowed for admission and payment processes taken up accordingly. This process means physical presence of the participants at the premises of admission.

b. On line admission: Participants shall apply online on the official web site, the evaluation shall be taken up on-line too and admissions and payments are processed on-line thereafter. Details for on-line payment particulars and requirements shall be indicated in this web elsewhere.

Payment by participants

Participants shall make payments either on-line or personally or through bank transfer. The official web site of the project handles on-line payment processing in this particular account and prepares statements for every candidate for monitoring and other purposes. Since every participant is given a unique registration and an attachment of program codes, the financial statement becomes neatly exposed. The payment receipts to participants are processed on-line automatically for delivery.

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