What is a Virtual Class Room ?

A virtual classroom is a learning setting in which distance education or distance learning is delivered live over the Internet. Students are not physically "on site" as in traditional classrooms or campus. Students and instructors participate in remote learning communities using computers. With the ever-increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet, it is only natural that the educational community should want to make use of this tremendous resource. Use of the Internet and Web are leading to significant changes in educational models. As this use of Internet is increasing, a traditional classroom has shifted to E-Learning. Learning by computer can be as easy as communicating with your teacher and fellow classmates in a virtual classroom. The growing popularity of E-Learning has introduced new terms to education, as Virtual Classroom, where student will be present with his teacher and fellow learners in a classroom. They will not be present physically in the classroom but connected to the classroom via Internet.

Virtual classroom aims to simulate the experience of attending a class over the web. So everyone is able to see other participant virtually. Just as the term virtual means a simulation of the real thing, Virtual Classroom is a simulated classroom via Internet, which provides a convenient communication environment for distance learners just like traditional face-to-face classroom. A virtual classroom allows learners to attend a class from anywhere in the world and aims to provide a learning experience that is similar to a real classroom. A virtual classroom enables to greatly reduce the travel, time, and expense of on-site teaching/training programs. It can be used as a solution for live delivery and interaction that addresses the entire process of creating and managing our teaching-learning process. It facilitates instructor and student in teaching-learning events, such as a seminar, online discussion or a live training for employees in company.

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