Features of virtual classroom

* Directing Messaging among participants or between presenter and participants is possible using chat feature in virtual classroom.

* Audio and Video used in session. Using audio, presenter delivers voice-based lectures in a classroom.

* Shared whiteboard, are used by instructors and students to view images, presentations, or other application.

* Resource sharing is possible between presenter and participants. Presenter uploads files (notes) to the session. Participants at their end can download these resources.

* Presenter creates polls. These polls are useful for presenter to get feedback from participants.

* Virtual hands up, to indicate that participant has questions to ask. When participant does his hands up, presenter can chat with him.

* Screen sharing: Screen sharing is a powerful feature of virtual classroom used for demonstrating software procedures. It allows all class participants to see an application that is opened on any given presenter's or participantís PC. Everyone can see the shared application or screen as if it were running on their own machine. Control of the application can also be handed over, so others can use the application from their own machine.

* Breakout rooms: In a traditional classroom, a teacher often divides the learners into groups to discuss a specific topic or to work on a group assignment. The same way, a breakout session can be started in virtual classroom, using which different group of users can be created in same virtual classroom session. After learners have entered the breakout session, it is as if they are in a different room.

* Session Recording: Using this feature, virtual classroom sessions can be recorded. The sessions can then be replayed as if they are videos. Presenter or participants can replay a session at any time after the session has finished. Virtual classrooms are flexible and students can attend at their own convenience. Virtual classrooms are also less expensive and have greater accessibility. Students can access any class regardless of geographical area.

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